Interior Wall Design

Using Panels for Your Interior Wall Design

While paint colors, flooring, and furniture are important parts of your home, the walls are also an important component that can help to define your style. If you’re looking for new ways to add interior wall design to a space, consider 3D wood wall panels. This unique product will give your walls a bold boost of texture, shape, and visual appeal. It’s an innovative product that has been taking the world of interior wall design by storm. Each panel is completely unique made of various species of trees. The panels are also featured in different sizes, thickness, and designs like repeating shapes to give your home a modern look. Check the latest selection of our 3D wood wall panels to find out what we currently have available. You’ll love the way these panels look as they give any room in your home a dramatic aesthetic with a lot of texture.

As you think about how to incorporate 3D wood wall panels in your home, be sure you also select the right finish. Many wood wall panels can be custom finished to suit your needs, while others may come in a predetermined color. You can also find these panels in paintable format which means you can easily add a coat of paint in your favorite color for an even more customized look. Just a few square feet of these unique wall panels will instantly transform the look and feel of your home. They’re perfect to warm up a living space, den, home office, or dining room. Consider adding 3D wood wall panels to your bedroom to give the entire room an inviting touch. With so many designs to choose from, it’s easy to bring this into your next interior wall design plan. Contact us today to find out what panels we have available and how we can help you transform your home!