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Wood Wall Panel

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Wood Wall Panel

Each panel is precisely assembled from narrow stripes of reclaimed wood to produce a sleek geometry look. Nail any decor from country to contemporary, traditional to transitional.

Reclaimed wood is lumber utilised in building projects and construction of railcars, old houses, boats and other structure. Reclaimed wood is different from imitation wood. The ageing process from used wood over the century has proved the quality and the durability compared to the new growth tree can provide.

While keeping the commitment towards protecting the environment and reducing the usage of natural resources, it is a perfect eco-conscious choice of material for individual or businesses

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CR001 - Natural Coral

RL001 - Natural Ripple

CB004 - Natural New Cube

WE008 - New Wave

RB005 - Winter Rainbow

CR002 - White Wash Coral


Bamboo Screen

Bamboo has been found to have a tensile strength that is greater than that of even steel. Tensile strength is the measure that determines how likely a material to break. The beauty of bamboo, is that it is not made to break. Instead, bamboo goes with the flow and has the ability to bend in a strong windstorm. This strength lends itself very well to construction application. They can also be uses for strong structural support for your home.

There is almost no end to the amount of things that bamboo can be used for. We all know the obvious uses. It is a nice way to decorate your house. It is a natural and strong item that bamboo can be fashioned into wind turbines that will power the future with positive energy and the potential is limitless.

Bamboo's green footprint makes it a plant that could very well shape our home living. As a forest continue to be cleared for wood production and other needs, bamboo can offer us an alternative to clear cutting. bamboo takes in more CO2 and produces more oxygen than the average hardwood tree. this makes it a valuable partner in fighting climate change

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Black Asper Bamboo
Half Raft Panel

Black Asper Bamboo
Roll Bamboo

String Bamboo/Gigantochloa Apus
Half Raft Panel

Black Asper Bamboo
Full Round

Black Asper Bamboo
Woven Panel

Capping & Pole


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